Our world is changing. Fast.

Each of the following is likely to lead to a paradigm shift for our business:

  • exponential growth of worldwide exchanges of data,
  • latest trend in manufacturing tools and processes,
  • new capital flow in the economy,
  • new disruptive market players.

We all have two options towards those changes: wait until they happen then adapt, or be pro-active and anticipate.

elseco made the conscious decision of selecting the second option for two reasons. One, because we believe that waiting is a losing strategy in the long run, and two, because it allows us to focus on what we can control: our service. We have in our DNA the willingness to identify those changes and act quickly rather than react slowly.

In this context, one of our main tools is information, an important part of which being market intelligence. We have integrated in our day-to-day operations the constant search for new resources to help us make the best decisions on behalf of our members. You will find below links to dedicated pages on market resource for each of our lines of business: