Our Chairman and CEO, Laurent Lemaire challenged a couple of well known London Market brokers (Yamin Mustafa and Peter Elson) to a Sprint Triathlon, here in Dubai.

Not only did these three fit men complete the 750m Swim, 24km Bike and 5km Run but Laurent had his whole family out on the course whom successfully picked up a first place team medal.

Special congratulations go to Yamin for taking up and challenge and successfully completing his first Triathlon competition. 

Asking Peter and Yamin to comment on their Triathlon experience with us here in Dubai:

Peter: "In a moment of weakness late one evening last year, Yamin and I rashly accepted Laurent's challenge to compete together in a triathlon in Dubai. I don't think any of us really believed we would do it. But we're absolutely delighted we did. It proved to be a tremendously enjoyable event, our participation superbly organised for us by the elseco team, and not just an experience we survived but one we will look back upon fondly for many years. Overall, I'm sure I would do more triathlons if I could do then like we did in Dubai - it certainly beat a freezing, murky lake and dodging potholes and traffic back home!"

Yamin: "Just to add to the very nice words composed by Peter I just wanted to say that your hospitality and arrangements was very much appreciated and that that I will always remember my first (of many – I hope!) triathlon. The event was truly a gentle way to be introduced to the sport and having seen how you have successfully made it a ‘family affair’ you have inspired me to try and do the same with my own family. Wish me luck!"


 Running in the family... Laetitia Lemaire and daughter Elisa Lemaire and friend!

Running in the family... Laetitia Lemaire and daughter Elisa Lemaire and friend!